Top 2 Best ADC Stethoscopes Review

by Dr. Sachin

After reviewing most useful stethoscope of Littmann, we have focused our attention to the ADC stethoscope and gone through many online reviews to choose best ADC stethoscope to review personally. Littmann always provided high quality stethoscope and they are great to use in practice but Littmann is not the only player in the field of stethoscope market.

Medical field have plenty of stethoscope suppliers and many of them build descent stethoscope with good quality that can be used in practice. ADC aka American Diagnostic Corporation is one more stethoscope manufacturer and taking the market by storm. Recently many physicians started using there stethoscope and found that they provides good sound conduction as well as have good quality material to build a stethoscope which is known as ADSCOPE stethoscope.

If you are having Littmann stethoscope and looking for some other BRAND than Littmann then ADC stethoscopes are good choice to purchase, here is top 2 stethoscope from wide range of ADC stethoscope that you can pick for better quality –

ADC Platinum Edition Adscope Stethoscope –

ADC Platinum Edition Adscope StethoscopeADC platinum edition Adscope comes with quality and have very affordable price.(To get DISCOUNT of $28 on your purchase click here). This stethoscope got more than 80 positive reviews on Amazon out of which almost 60 have 5 star ratings. This stats of reviews itself speak about quality of this stethoscope.

Platinum professional ADC adscope provide built in multi-frequency stethoscope which is comes with a diaphragm that has been designed specially to pick up sounds with different frequencies. This sounds can be listened with giving slight pressure in diaphragm. It comes with Non-chill diaphragm which keeps patient at ease and comfortable.Volume and clarity of sound is good and overall stethoscope is little heavier than other stethoscopes in market but most important thing is that it is backed up with lifetime warranty.

Only drawback of this stethoscope is that it does not have dual sided chest piece. If you are looking for less expensive stethoscope with good clarity as well as volume and you are the one who can adjust with one sided chest piece then this stethoscope will be the great purchase for you. Though this will not provide all qualities that expensive Littmann stethoscopes have; this stethoscope can be purchased for its low price and sound clarity.

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ADC Adscope Cardiology Stethoscope –

ADC Cardiology StethoscopeThis is one more cardiology stethoscope in market which is less expensive and have good features as well as provide great quality. It comes with stainless steel chest piece, threaded attachments that converts pediatric bell to adult on with ease, bilumen tube gives great acoustic performance and have specially designed ADSOFT ear piece which provides comforts to users ear.

As like many other stethoscope models of ADC; this stethoscope is also comes with lifetime warranty that one can not easily overlook while purchasing stethoscope. Recently this stethoscope is emerging out as a great alternative to Littmann stethoscopes.

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