Best Stethoscope For Nurses – How to Find Best Stethoscopes For Nurses & Nursing Student

by Dr. Sachin

If you are reading this, either you are getting involved in nursing course or you are a working nurse with hospital. There is a time when every nurse ask this question “which is the best stethoscope for nurses?”.  If you are facing such dilemma just read along to understand what involved when it comes to picking up a stethoscope for nurses or a nursing student.

There are two types of stethoscope available in market first is Acoustic & second is an Electronic stethoscope. As acoustic steths are highly rated by doctors across the globe and have affordable price than electronic stehs we are considering only acoustic steths for now.

After reviewing many stethoscopes we picked up handful of them that can be used by nurses. Find out which suits you best from the give comparison table or read along to understand the how to choose best stethoscope for nursing student & practising nursese.

ParametersLittmann cardiology IIILittmann Classic II SELittmann Master ClassicADC ADSCOPE 603 StainlessOmron Sprague Rappaport
Price & Image

RemarkEditors ChoiceBest BuyTop PickTop PickNot Recommended For PRO Use
Reviews1218 Customer Reviews1956 Customer Reviews591 Customer Reviews268 Customer Reviews893 Customer Reviews
Diaphragm (Diagram)Tunable (1.7 Inches)Tunable (2.125 Inches)Tunable (1.75 Inches)Non Tunable (1.8 Inches)Very Basic
Weight180 Gram118 Gram160 Gram184 Gram255 Gram
Non-Chill RimYesYesYesYesNO
Chest Piece (Weight)Double Sided (85 Gram)Double Sided (47 Gram)Single Sided (90 Gram)Single SidedSingle Sided
Get ONE for YOU !!Buy NowBuy NowBuy NowBuy NowBuy Now

What makes the best stethoscope for nurses?

  1. Good sound quality to measure BP & listen chest sounds of patients.
  2. Lightweight, comfortable earpiece, proper length of tubing.
  3. Overall Quality with affordable price.

It is not difficult to pick up the best stethoscope that will fit in all the qualities discussed above. Though it is important to note that if you are a nursing student then you will require a good quality stethoscope to learn the many things and if you are planning to go further and start your career in something more than just being a general nurse then you have to get a specialized stethoscope which will be recommended for your department. Nurse working in a cardiology department will definitely require a cardiology stethoscope which often the time not useful in paediatric ward. So keep in mind about your future planning’s of career.

Every acoustic stethoscope comes with three parts earpiece & binaurals (it is a curved metal pipes that connects earpiece to tubes of stethoscopes), Tubing, Chest piece (consist bell and diaphragm). Earpiece must be perfectly fitting & soft to avoid injuries and uneasiness to ears of listener as well as binaurals should be curved enough to fit properly with ear anatomy. Tube of stethoscope must be made up of quality material and insulted enough to avoid mixing external noises with patients sound. Ideal length of steth tube is 26 to 28 inches. We highly encourage you to avoid two tubing stethoscopes as it creates ambient noises by rubbing these two tubes together. Chest piece should have non chill rim & bell.

Does nurses require high quality expensive stethoscope?

Yes! Nurses do require quality stethoscope but it is not mandatory that a quality stethoscope must have HIGH PRICE tag. There are many quality stethoscopes out there which are cheap and affordable to pockets of nursing students.

What are the task that practising nurse perform with a stethoscope?

Nurses do little different work than practising doctor but their role with patient care equally important to doctor’s role. Most of the time in emergency rooms doctor’s rely on nurses reading of patients BP, Pulse Rate, Heart Rate and few other findings too. So it becomes important to have a best stethoscope for a nurse to get correct details as well as to listen patient’s chest sound. With a stethoscope nurse can measure BP, count heart rate, listen to heart & lungs sounds, can also listen bowel movement few other abdominal sounds.

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Kidist Beyene

– I’m an RN working in Med/Surge. I did quite a bit of research before buying my first good stethoscope. Littmann was highly recommended by the doctors I asked. They liked the Cardiology stethoscope, but said I wouldn’t need it for Med / Surge Nursing. And, choosing the Classic saved a lot of money. At local stores, the Classic cost $125. I got it on this website for $70.
– I love burgundy so I got that one.
– I recommend buying the Prestige Medical Clip (only $5) to use at work so the steth isn’t around your neck for 12 straight hours.
– Regarding the engraving. Absolutely do it. It looks great. I got my name on the hose, and my name on the chestpiece. I was told steths “walk” away a lot. And, if you engrave only one, then it can be replaced. I also got the medical symbol engraved on the chestpiece. If I had it to do over, I wouldn’t do that. They do it over the center and it looks strange with the whole in the middle.
– I recommend buying a stethoscope cover. It protects the hose from scratches, sunlight, bodily fluids, and day-to-day grime. Replacing hoses costs a lot, a cover costs 5-10 dollars. I couldn’t find one on Scrubs and Beyond. I had to go to Etsy and eBay. I wanted a burgundy or wine colored cover. I wished they would have had a deal to stitch on my name or email address on the cover, but it wasn’t possible.
– I also recommend buying the Littmann ID Tag. This is in case I legitimately leave my steth somewhere and someone finds it and wants to return it. I put my email address on it. It costs about $10. It attaches to your steth and will cover over your Scrubs and Beyond hose name engraving. That’s the only negative. But, it will come with the little metal plate that can be engraved. You can send it away for $7, or take it to a jeweler for $15. The mailing option only allows 14 characters. My email is 18 characters. My jeweler did a great job.
– I store it at home in my study. I have a small nail in the wall, I hang the Prestige Medical Clip on that, and have the stethoscope hanging down from that. I put two pins at the bottom so that the chestpiece rests slightly on them, so that all the weight isn’t hanging on the hoses. But, it’s still straight down against the wall to prevent any crimping of the hoses.


Dr. Sachin

Thanks Kidist for taking time to leave an extremely useful comment 🙂

This is the most detailed, useful & informational comment that our site ever got. We are glad that you got your best stethoscope from our reviews with a good amount of discount.

We wish you the best luck for your feature.


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