How To Find the Best Stethoscope: The Definitive Stethoscope Reviews

Best Stethoscope

Are you one who have a  question about ‘How to find the best stethoscope?’

Well; then your search ends here as we have completed the detailed research and got an incredible list of best stethoscopes to help you choose one of them. Not only we have listed best stethoscope; we also backed up their usefulness with detailed reviews.

Finding a best stethoscope is a daunting process for every student of medicine, nursing, paramedics as well as EMTs, and every single stethoscope brand claims that they are the best in the market. After many failures and long research, I completed the mammoth task and got to a point where I was sick of all these so-called advice that articles has given me. And, yes, I made a conclusion that, a stethoscope can be excellent for me and might be horrible for my fellow medical, nursing or EMT students. And that being said it is the buyer the one who should acquire information on more than one stethoscope and then & then only decide which stethoscope is truly the best for him/ her.

Check out our following comparison table of BEST & RECOMMENDED STETHOSCOPE with the reviews to ease your stethoscope buying process.

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It is worthy to note that the stethoscope is an important & primary tool of every physician, and a doctor can’t be complete without having one. In fact, it’s an honor to carry a stethoscope on your shoulder after wearing doctor’s apron. Stethoscope is the basic but great tool that can diagnose very serious diseases of heart or lung only by auscultating the chest of your patient. So it is important to have a best stethoscope and never think to buy a cheap stethoscope. It is worthy to invest some money to buy this valuable lifetime assistant.

We have tested Littmann Classic II SE, Littmann cardiology III, Littmann Master Classic, and Omron Sprague Rappaport on the basis of following mentioned points and found that LITTMANN CLASSIC II SE and LITTMANN CARDILOGY III is the best stethoscope to buy whether you are student of medicine, nursing, paramedic, EMT or simple a lab technician.

ParametersLittmann cardiology IIILittmann Classic II SELittmann Master ClassicADC ADSCOPE 603 StainlessOmron Sprague Rappaport
Price & Image

RemarkEditors ChoiceBest BuyTop PickTop PickNot Recommended For PRO Use
Reviews1172 Customer Reviews1813 Customer Reviews578 Customer Reviews262 Customer Reviews863 Customer Reviews
Diaphragm (Diagram)Tunable (1.7 Inches)Tunable (2.125 Inches)Tunable (1.75 Inches)Non Tunable (1.8 Inches)Very Basic
Weight180 Gram118 Gram160 Gram184 Gram255 Gram
Non-Chill RimYesYesYesYesNO
Chest Piece (Weight)Double Sided (85 Gram)Double Sided (47 Gram)Single Sided (90 Gram)Single SidedSingle Sided
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We have approached many senior doctors and medical students to see what they prefer and made a list of good stethoscope that they recommended to us (Not to surprise almost 90% of them have voted for Littmann Classic II SE and Littmann Cardiology III stethoscope). Then we tested these entire stethoscopes in different situation and different environmental condition. Paramedics need a steth that can able to transfer the sound of patient’s heart and lungs without mixing it with the sound of surroundings as they work in outdoor environment. Please note that the stethoscope reviews we are providing here is subjective and based on our listening and handling of these scopes; you might get different results if you test out these scopes yourself but we are confident that we have made 99% correct valuation of these scopes.

Signs of Best Stethoscope-

  1. It should be light weight so it will become easy to carry on shoulder.
  2. Length of tubing should be long enough for proper examination of patient. It should not be too long or too short.
  3. Diaphragms must be made up of high-quality PE compound film, resin with flexibility.  It is better to have 35mm diaphragms for adult use, 25 mm for paediatric use and 45mm for cardiology use.
  4. Scope should have non chill rim, comfortable ear piece, stainless steel binaural and tube wall must thick enough to avoid outer sounds mixing.
  5. It must be cost effective and add value to our money while maintaining its quality.

The Best Stethoscope Reviews-

We are reviewed few popular stethoscopes that being regularly used across the globe and popular among all student as well as clinicians. Please take few moment to go through these stethoscope reviews.

Littmann Classic II SE Review

Littmann Classic II SEThis is the one of the great acoustic sensitive stethoscope from 3M Littmann healthcare company which is being used by worldwide nursing as well as medical student and practicing doctors. Earpieces are comfortable, have weight of 135gm (lightweight), come with quality & TUNABLE diaphragm, and provide loud & clear sound. If you are looking for a good stethoscope which provides quality and does not cost you more money, then Littmann classic II SE will be the perfect solution for you. Don’t take just our words for it; this amazing steth is supported by more than 2390 positive reviews on Amazon out of which approx.  1960 buyer given 5 star ratings to this steth. It is available in many colours and is durable.

It also provides dual sided chest piece with non-chill rim & allows switching between bell and diaphragm mode by giving simple pressure on the chest piece. We highly recommend this to anyone who is in the medical field and searching for the right steth.

Littmann cardiology III Review

Littmann Cardiology IIIMost rated by senior physicians around the world. If you are planning to buy an extremely good stethoscope that will provide you great built in quality, loud & clear sound, tuneable diaphragms on both side, and useful for adults as well as paediatric patients then your search ends here.

We find more than 1000 positive reviews about this stethoscope on Amazon out of which almost 90% ratings have 5 stars.

This is durable, versatile steth that provides its user a good experience and convenience. It comes with diaphragms on both side of chest piece out of which diaphragm from small side can be easily removed to convert this part into an open bell to capture low frequencies sounds. This steth is commonly used by cardiologist, paediatrics, and medical student to listen heart and lungs sound. With its unique tunable diaphragm technology, this steth makes it easy to switch between bell and diaphragm modes by giving a simple pressure change on its chest piece, which means there is no need to remove, index and replace for same-site auscultation or turning over the chest piece. This time-saving feature allows for focus on the patient.

It is heavier than Littmann classic II SE and weighs about 180gm, 27 inches long, 43 mm wide diaphragm and provide non chill rim, comfortable ear piece. Only worry about this steth is that it is costlier than others but it provides value to your money. We highly recommend this stethoscope for everyone.

Even it stand out in a study conducted  by Department of internal medicine at St. John Hospital, Detroit, Michigan.  This study says Littmann Cardiology stethoscope possesses best overall performance. [Ref.]

Littmann Master Classic Review –

Littmann Master ClassicThis steth is very close to ‘Littmann Classic II SE’ and is considered as up gradation of same to call it as Littmann Master Classic. We found that it stands little better than ‘LCIISE’ when it comes to loudness and clarity of sound. While only drawback of this steth is that it lacks double sided chest piece. It is bit heavier than LCIISE steth and weighs about 160 Gm. and provides 44 Cm diaphragm. It does provide comfort and all other features of Littmann. This steth is costlier than LCIISE steth.


ADC ADSCOPE 603 Stainless Stethoscope Review

ADC ADSCOPE 603 StainlessThis is one more great stethoscope but fall little short in few things if we compare it with Littmann stethoscopes.  It is little heavier & long than Littmann stethoscopes but if we see the price difference ADC ADSCOPE 603 wins the race. When it comes to sound quality then it stands second to the Littmann. It is less comfortable than Littmann and have heavy chest piece but the best thing about ADC stethoscope is that they are backed with LIFETIME WARRANTY which is one of the obvious reason behind there share in the market. More than 100 reviews with 5 star ratings speaks out the best quality of this stethoscope.


Omron Sprague Rappaport Review

Omron Sprague RappaportSurprisingly this steth amazed us by its cost which too low as compared to other brands in market. With its low cost Omron managed to provide good quality with loudness & clarity of sound. But when we repeatedly used this steth for auscultation few bugs come out. Please note that you get what you pay for and that is why we always ask you to pay little more to get good steth. Though this steth provides good loudness & clarity of sound it lacks in many other features. It is little long than other compared steths and have two tubes which keep rubbing with each other and produces unwanted sound during patient examination. Diaphragm is made up of poor quality material.

Conclusion –

Our personal vote goes for Littmann Classic II SE. Build quality; comfort and performance are the best features that Littmann always provides with their all steths. Littmann Classic II SE is a better stethoscope for every healthcare student and it does provide value for the money. If you are on good budget and want the more efficient & the best steth than LCIISE then Littmann Cardiology III is steth to pick up. We highly recommend buying Littmann Cardiology III stethoscope for everyone. It is the most loved steth by senior physicians, anaesthetics, chest physicians.

Littmann Cardiology III is a great acoustic stethoscope. If you don’t want to spend more money then get one Littmann Classic II SE for yourself, you will never regret on these purchase.

We does not recommend buying Omron Sprague Rappaport steth only because it lacks in many quality features, though it comes in surprisingly low price and also manage to provide good quality, louder sound. You can buy this steth only when you will require examining a patient who has skin eruption that are contagious and once used a steth with such patient you need to dispose it.

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