Stethoscope – the best friend of every medical professional.

It help doctor, nurses, emt’s and pearamedics.

Usually meany health professional’s does not opt for electronic stethoscope except few cardiologist who needs to find subtle differences in heart sound of patient to make a perfect diagnosis. Electronic stethoscopes always have a superior edge over traditional acoustic stethoscopes that almost every doctor and nurses use.

Though littmann cardiology stethoscope is  termed as best stethoscope & sufficient for many practitioner, electronic stethoscope can be very useful.

One of the most important factor that stops most of the healthcare professionals from using electronic stethoscope is PRICE. All electronic stethoscope’s are expensive.

EKO – a stethoscope plugin solved this problem. This plugin is developed by EKO devices from Berkeley, California and help doctors to turn their regular acoustic stethoscopes into electronic one. One can hook up this plugin between the tube and chest piece of a stethoscope to enhance the capability of regular stethoscope to perform multiple things with sound of patients heart.

This device is paired with an app which can record, review, visualize & can transfer the sound of patients heart to EHR.

This app can email all this recordings to a doctor.

This useful stethoscope plugin is not available in market and waiting for FDA approval. You can find it here.


Got a good stethoscope and looking for some tips on how to use it to auscultate chest sound?

We found a video on Youtube that makes it really easy to learn how to auscultate chest of patient and listen to heart sounds.

It is not a mammoth task to listen heart sound of patient and this video make it more easy to understand the whole process.

If you are a beginner then you gonna love this video.

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